Here you will find documentation on using the core aspects of PlaidCloud including data management (Analyze), data visualization (Dashboards), and document management, as well as the expression library.


The Analyze tools consist of the development of projects to manage a set of functions and data objects that serve a business purpose. A Project is used exclusively in data management and does not include the display of data through a dashboard. To access the Analyze functionality in PlaidCloud, click on the 3 gear icon/Analyze in the left menu.


Dashboards are customizable, dynamic workspaces where data and results can be visually displayed using multiple different types of charts and graphs. To access the Dashboards, click on the chart icon/Dashboards in the left menu.

Document Management

Document management allows for the creation and management of account access and document stores for importing data into and exporting data out of PlaidCloud via csv and other file formats. To view the document Management tools, click on the file folder icon/Document in the left menu.


Standard Expressions are basic level operations that can be added across the platform such as finding the max value in a column, extracting the year from a date field, or removing the leading zeroes in a text field.

Last modified March 11, 2024 at 3:25 PM EST: Creation of the expression expression library (3110a17)